Reforestation is the biggest decision that you'll make in your forestry investment. That's why Rayonier is your best choice for forest tree seedlings. We produce trees used in reforestation, site reclamation, wildlife management and ornamental applications.

  • Faster Growth Rate — We offer superior Loblolly and Slash Pine families.
  • Better Disease Resistance — Rayonier scientists work closely with university specialists to ensure our trees flourish in your unique environment.
  • Higher Wood Quality — Our Slash and Loblolly families are selected for
    straightness and form.
  • Greater Return on Your Forestry Investment — Higher volume and shorter rotations mean more profit from your forest.

                                                                              Plant Rayonier Genetics

Order now to insure your seedlings are available when you need them.

Our Nursery Specialists will produce seedlings from your seed or contract specifications.

Bare root seedlings are available from November 15th until March 15th. Place your order early to ensure availability and to take advantage of preseason discounts.

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