We make every attempt to provide our customers with fresh, high-quality seedlings. However, no warranty is implied or expressed by Rayonier TRS Forest Operations, LLC with regard to production, survival or growth. Rayonier TRS Forest Operations, LLC only guarantees our seedlings to be true to type or species.

Rayonier TRS Forest Operations, LLC requires a minimum 20% deposit at the time you place your order. The deposit insures seedling availability during lifting season, November 15th through March 15th. The entire remaining balance due on your order must be received prior to shipment or pick up at the nursery.

A full refund of the deposit will be provided if we are notified in writing of your cancellation prior to November 1st of the same year the order was placed. If your order is cancelled between November 1st and December 31st, then your deposit will be refunded to you only if the seedlings can be resold to another buyer prior the last day in February of the following year. Your deposit will be returned to you only after receipt of the subsequent purchaser’s payment of the seedlings.

Your deposit is non-refundable if the order is cancelled on or after January 1st. If your order is over $1,000.00 and you wish to reserve your seedlings with a 20% deposit please contact the Rayonier nursery at 251-986-5210 or by e-mail at seedlings@rayonier.com.

Credit applications require 10 business days for processing and a signed contract for purchase. Should your order meet our credit requirements, terms are 30 days net. All unpaid invoices over 30 days are subject to a 1.5% late fee (18% annually).