Rayonier Seedlings

With seed orchards throughout the southeast, we’re able to design a seedling that can perform in your specific location. Disease resistant and fast growing, a Rayonier Seedling will stand the test of time and give your land more value for years to come. Give us a call to learn how we follow through with this promise year in and year out.

Loblolly Pine

The fastest growing southern pine on most sites. Prefers heavy soils that do not flood. Grows to 100 feet. Available as 2nd generation, 3rd cycle or Elite Single Family Selections with resistance to Pine Decline.

Slash Pine

Fast growing evergreen native to flat wood and coastal sites in the deep south. Excellent wood quality and form. Grows to 100 feet. Available with Pitch Canker Resistance, High Rust Resistance Elite Selections and 2nd Generation Genetics.

Improved Sand Pine

Native to North Florida, the Choctawhatchee Sand Pine is drought tolerant and well suited to deep sand locations.

Virginia Pine

Pinus virginiana is a medium-sized tree, often found on poorer soils from Long Island in southern New York south through the Appalachian Mountains to western Tennessee and Alabama.

Containerized Longleaf Pine

Adapted to droughty, upland sites, fire tolerant. Long needles make excellent pine straw. This is the Premier lumber tree of the south. Improved Longleaf exhibits faster grass stage emergence and approximately 10% faster growth rates than unimproved.

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