Our regeneration center in Elberta, Alabama, produces advanced, industry-leading seedlings until they’re ready to be planted across Rayonier’s southern timberlands. Our pine seedlings are improved naturally by scientifically combining the flowers and pollens of tree stock from the straightest, fastest-growing and most disease-resistant trees. The company’s silviculture practices increase the value of each successive generation of trees planted. The Elberta nursery gives forestry consultants, land owners and wetland reclamation specialists the added benefit of direct access to our 30 million premium seedlings grown each year.


Our nursery is where we transfer all our top genetic research into quality seedlings. In 2013, we moved our 50 year growing operation from Glennville, Georgia to our Nursery in Baldwin County, Alabama. Today, we grow more than 30 million seedlings every year at our Elberta Nursery and plant them on over 2 million acres across the Southeast.

Seeds genetically cultivated in one of our seed orchards in Alabama, Georgia or Florida.


Growing the highest quality, bare root seedlings requires the right genetics and ideal soil conditions. We have the geneticists, and the soil here in Baldwin County is the perfect fit for growing and lifting quality seedlings. Here, we’re able to that maintain our seedlings’ dense root systems and overall health as they’re grown, lifted and delivered direct to your forest.

Since we’re centrally located in Alabama, we can offer our clients a superior delivery service to the lower coastal plain from Savannah, Georgia to Lufkin, Texas.


Our nursery stock is grown at a low-density, 20 seedlings per square foot. We’ve found over our long history and through our scientific research that this approach allows the seedlings to develop the optimum 6-inch root system, 10-inch foliage and 5.5mm Caliper, making them more resilient and more adaptable to your land.

  • Our practices produce morphologically improved seedlings preferred by Rayonier land managers.
  • Our trees are cultured to resist diseases and perform well in even the most specific of environments.
  • We produce seedlings specifically designed for your location, from your seed or from seed produced on one of our superior orchards.
  • We offer both containerized and bare root seedlings depending on your reforestation needs.

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