Choose Your Tree Genetics Wisely

Reforestation is the biggest decision you will make in your forestry investment. Our tree improvement researchers are focused on growth acceleration, disease resistance, and sawlog quality. Through novel approaches to traditional breeding techniques, we can deliver faster growth for your forests without genetic engineering. Likewise, we can help you battle diseases such as fusiform rust, pitch canker, and pine decline with high-resistance families.

Grow Larger, Better Timber

Our specialists use field and laboratory tests to identify resistant families and then breed top selections for further improvement. They also identify families that grow straighter with fewer log defects that destroy value. They work hard to improve your profits by growing larger, better timber.

Rayonier has been active in tree breeding since 1955, when we started improving slash pine cooperatively with the University of Florida. Over the years, Rayonier has expanded to participate in all three Southeastern breeding cooperatives at University of Florida, North Carolina State University, and Texas A&M University.

Get Better Value

Our resources now include advanced generation loblolly and slash pine seed orchards, as well as improved longleaf and sand pine orchards. We continuously develop new families, test emerging technologies, and adopt technologies that benefit landowners. For more than 60 years, our dedication to continuous tree improvement has shown us that the right genetics are crucial to achieving high financial returns from forestry.

We know timberland is important to a landowner or forester. That is why we would like to consistently earn your trust by providing the best seedlings. Take advantage of Rayonier’s elite genetics to make the most of your timberland.

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